Joe Monani Fish Company, Inc.

At The New Fulton Fish Market

800 Food Center Drive
Unit #: 60, 62
Bronx, NY 10474

Contact: Eddie

Tel #: (718) 617-7900
Fax #: (718) 617-9132

Blue Fish

     The Historic Fulton Fish Market (in downtown New York) has been the home of the Monani legacy for over 75 years. Starting out with our grandfather Joe, we have been working with countries from all over the world, countries like Greece, Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Panama and many others. We cannot forget about our fishermen from Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut which supply us with our fresh local daily catch. Moving on to the father Edward Sr. going through hard winters and difficult times, we have survived and grown to be one of the oldest fish companies at the Fulton Fish Market. Now where the legacy continues, our own Edward Jr. Monani, has led us to be one of the most respected fish corporations in the East Coast. We are dealing with new countries, such as Nicaragua, Canada, and Scotland, as well as dealing with new products, such as our Caribbean Red Snappers, and our Scottish Wild Salmon