South Street Seafood Corp.

At The New Fulton Fish Market

800 Food Center Drive
Unit #: 51, 53, 55
Bronx, NY 10474

Tel #: (718) 328-2728
Fax #: (718) 328-2729

South Street Seafood

      South Street Seafood offers the highest quality “hand cut” chemical free fish fillets in the Fulton Market. We also offer the best “dry day boat” scallops, and the largest selection of lobsters anywhere. Fresh water (lake) species are also one of our specialties, offering the finest fill net and trap net species of whitefish, pike, carp, bass and perch available according to season. The salmon department has a great supply of Scottish, Canadian, and Chilean salmon with a special emphasis on organic and wild fish.

We have great pricing because of our vertically integrated relationships around the world. The special services department directs freight handling from supplier to customer Monday through Friday.